What Makes Newsworthy?

News is a collection of current events that affect people’s daily lives. People get their news from newspapers, magazines and television. The media also provides information on social issues and government policies. The main sources of news are local, national and international. People can also find out the latest trends and innovations in their field through online media sources. The word news is derived from the Latin word “nova” which means new.

Whether writing for a newspaper, magazine or a website, a news article should start with a lead. A good lead will catch a reader’s attention and make them want to read more. The lead should include all of the major facts of the story and provide a summary of the content that follows. It is often best to write the lead first and then write the body of the news article around it.

A news article should be written in third person for clarity. If a person is being referenced, their full name should be used on first mention. Using just the initials can confuse readers and may look unprofessional. It is also important to use correct spelling and grammar. A journalist should always check their facts before publishing their work. Incorrect facts will damage a journalist’s credibility and could cause a misrepresentation of the story.

It is essential to understand what makes news, not only for journalists but also for people who consume it on a regular basis. The most commonly cited characteristics of news are timeliness, drama, consequence and proximity. These characteristics are understood by everyone involved in the news business, as well as by those who regularly read, watch or listen to it.

The key to making something newsworthy is to create an event that is not common and to have it happen in a way that is dramatic or interesting. If a person has been killed, it is newsworthy, even though it is not uncommon for someone to be murdered. It is the event itself that is newsworthy, not just that someone has been murdered.

Another characteristic of news is that it needs to be new. It cannot be something that happened a decade ago, or even last year, unless it is being reported on the anniversary of an event. The news should be about something that is happening now or recently, and it should be about something that has a significant impact on the public.

When a person is quoting another person in a news story, it is important to quote the person’s full name and preferably their title as well. This will give the article credibility and help the reader to place the event in context. Also, quotes should be placed in quotation marks if possible. This is a standard formatting rule for most types of publications. Lastly, the news writer should sign off their article with a brief statement that summarizes the story and indicates any potential future developments relating to the subject of the story. This is known as a byline. Many people do this at the end of their articles, but it is especially important for a journalist to do so.