What Is Newsworthy?


Whether bugs or food are newsworthy or not depends on the perspective of the readers. Some people may be interested in bugs, others in food, and some may be interested in Archbishop’s comments. While the latter is not newsworthy, the former is a valid news item because they help form Church policy. The journalist’s own agenda should also be taken into consideration.

Story impact

The story impact of news stories depends on its prominence. The more powerful the story, the higher the audience’s emotional response to it. For example, an asteroid impact is likely to get a lot of media attention, since it will have an impact on the whole planet and affect many people.

Positive overtones

Positive overtones in news stories have several benefits. First of all, they catch the attention of the audience and are more likely to be shared. In addition, these stories are more likely to feature interviews and exploration of the topic. These overtones can provide a welcome diversion from the usual negative news.

Unplanned events

Unplanned events are a growing concern in today’s world. Unplanned events are more frequent, more unpredictable, and more severe than ever before. For instance, the Atlantic hurricane season last year saw seven named storms land in the U.S., while the wildfire season of 2020 has already started and is already the largest in history. This means that organizations must plan ahead for crisis and respond accordingly.

Journalists’ own agenda

The decline of traditional journalism is often linked to the rise of social media. Social media platforms let users choose which accounts to follow, and this has changed how news media set agendas. This trend will likely continue as media platforms and technology advance.


Imagery in news can be a controversial issue. News agencies and individuals have to consider the consequences of including graphic images, including the potential psychological harm caused to readers and journalists. It is crucial to understand the context of the image and the intention behind it before using it.