What is Entertainment?


Entertainment is a broad topic, ranging from a single event to an entire lifestyle. There is no one best way to describe it, and that is why the industry is so diversified. From music, to movies, to gaming, to food, the world of entertainment is as rich and varied as the world that surrounds us.

A recent study found that the average household spends nearly $600 per month on entertainment. Fortunately, the industry is on the upswing, thanks to a slew of new technologies and a growing receptive consumer base. This is a positive development for both consumers and companies alike, with the perks of a nimble and agile workforce and a competitive landscape all the more rewarding.

A look at the latest numbers from the CDC shows that more than 60 million Americans cite television as their primary source of entertainment. This figure is largely attributable to the fact that cable television providers now offer access to hundreds of free channels to all subscribers. As a result, the cost of television has declined by nearly half in the last decade. This has spawned an unprecedented number of new businesses and a growing appetite for quality content on a wide variety of platforms.